The estate CASCINE CONCHETTE opens it's antique iron gates to welcome you warmly.

The antique fountain is framed by old stone statues, spring - summer - fall - and winter.

The over 50 year old, giant spruces frame the main facade of the building.

The walkways and stairs lead you from the parking lot to the accommodations and pool area.

With plenty of nature surrounding the estate, you will find yourself excited to explore and take walks or small hikes - or if you will start your bike tours into the hill country of Langhe.




The gates open and your eyes immediately fall in love with the romantic courtyard, a secret garden with nooks and crannies everywhere. Wherever you look you'll find something new, and everything reflects the remarkable flair of Italy. Cascine Conchette is clearly a place for epicures and anyone looking for a place to come to peace and be inspired b anyone extraordinary atmosphere.


Gerd Johann Amann

Cascine Conchette 1

12060 Bastia Mondovi

+39 366 4525373




Sabine Hilda Zahn

In der Ringelswiese 12

53783 Eitorf


+49 15 15 56 33 612

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The vacation resort offers a modern pool with

  • hydro-flow system
  • massaging nozzles
  • underwater lighting


The pool is heated through solar energy. Guaranteed swimming pleasure from mid Mai until end of September.

The pool is filled with ocean water and it is cleaned carefully with electrophoresis as well as a quartz sand filter system. The pool floor is vacuumed and inspected for cleanliness daily. During the hotter season with water temperatures over 26 degrees Celsius we may have the need to support cleanliness through chlorine, as ensuring best hygiene and water quality for our guests is a top priority.


The Pavilion

Connected to the large pool terrasse lies the pavilion  (ca. 130 m2), with a glas pyramid rooftop equipt with a shower/bathroom and kitchen.

When there aren't any courses being offered it can be used as a patio - on the south side a wall of glass doors can be opened for all sorts of activities and fun outside, while still being under the roof. The terasses on three sides outside of the pavilion invite you to relax, read and just daydream. Patio furniture is available, as well as fitness equiptmment. During Seminar hours there are also tables and chairs available.


Since all accommodations are within one estate surrounding a beautiful coutryard, they can all be reached individually but also are connected through the coutryardnd itself. Here you will find a breathtaking view of the old village of Ciglie, with with it's picturesque castle and cathedral. Enjoy this view from our outside seating areas connected to the restaurant, perfect for quiet breakfasts, dinner evenings with friends and family, or romantic wine degustations.

You will find the small restaurant in the outdoor walkway between coutryard and pool, with a public restroom and a dance floor.


Any time of the year the Conchette offers you a dream vacation. Whether you come alone enjoying tranquility, as a couple for Italian romance or you take your whole family for an unforgettable adventure - book your favorite apartment now!